Crossing Paths

Mysterious, and familiar face

I see you and you see me.

I’m in my world and likewise for you.

I  guess you like good conversation.

I always wonder what is is y’all do be discussing.

Ironically we have not had the pleasure of speaking one syllable.

Yet, we have had countless discussions, debates, simply from our glances to each other.

These inaudible ramblings in my mind.

I think I am better off leaving things the way they should be.

You in your corner and myself in mine,

Until next time.

Mysterious and familiar face,

when we shall cross paths again.

Ps: Shea Moisture or Cantu.


When I wavier…

Oh Lord knows that this 1st year of undergrad has definitely given me a run for my money. I just find the actually school work is really not the problem… at all. I find I have difficulty with time management. I don’t value or use my time as effectively as possible. I don’t go in with a plan and when it gets too overwhelming to recover, I flop under stress. I think, I can do it but, GOD when I begin to drift, pull me closer. When I begin to doubt and call myself out of the purpose you have instilled in me, help me to stand. I have 8 weeks to get it together. I believe you really do have an eye on me and you know how to deliver me. I know my problem and I place it it in your hands. God please deliver me from waivering and wandering away, from you…